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About 262 Strategy

The rules of the game have changed. Faced with 24-hour media cycles where everything seems to be “breaking news” and the growth of non-traditional means of communicating like Facebook and Twitter, it’s absolutely essential that you have the ability to adapt your messaging and advocacy efforts to this new norm. It’s also true that the old saying “all politics is local” has never been more relevant. 


An understanding of the intersection of federal, state and local politics is a must. In the face of evolving challenges, you must adapt and look to new opportunities in domestic and global markets. In short, competition is fiercer than ever and it’s critical that there is a clear understanding of the dynamics in play. 


You need to have the tools to protect your equities and priorities for future growth in a time of fiscal uncertainty. To compete in these markets, it’s essential that both domestic and global entities looking to grow a footprint in the U.S. have experience in lobbying and public policy advocacy at all levels of government.


To make this happen, you need a seasoned and respected professional with a broad base of experience across a spectrum of critical issues and capabilities, to include the following: 


  • Program and policy advocacy

  • Economic development and strategic growth initiatives

  • Smart and safe cities technology development

  • Budgetary and regulatory processes

  • State and local “grassroots” advocacy

  • Brand management and media engagement

  • Management of a Political Action Committee (PAC)

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