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About 262 Strategy

An understanding of the intersection of federal, state and local politics is a must. In the face of evolving challenges, you must adapt and look to new opportunities in domestic and global markets. In short, competition is fiercer than ever and it’s critical that there is a clear understanding of the dynamics in play. 

About Jim Fraser

Jim Fraser is the President of 262 Strategy, a corporate consulting firm based in New Jersey. Previous to this, he was Vice President, Government Relations for Thales USA, Inc. His responsibilities included the development and execution of a comprehensive government relations strategy for the company in the United States. In this capacity, he led the company’s engagement with the legislative and executive branches of our federal government as well as with state and local entities and third party organizations.

About The Name

Endurance events like the marathon and long-distance triathlons can be humbling experiences. We push ourselves past what most others would consider practical limits. In many cases, when our bodies signal that they have no more to give, we reach deep to find the mental courage and toughness to continue. When you think about it, there are many parallels that you can draw between completing an endurance event and being successful in business.   

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